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OrchidWiz X4.0 Released and Shipped!

We have released and shipped Encyclopedia X4.0!  

There are a lot of enhancements in this release.  Here are a few of them:  

  • The Orchid Society of South-East Asia (OSSEA) Awards and Photographs will be included in OrchidWiz X4.0. OrchidWiz will publish more than 640 awards and photos from 1958 to 2016. Established in Singapore in 1928 the OSSEA promotes the science and practice of orchid culture, orchid conservation, hybridization and cultivation in tropical lowland Asia. The society meets monthly at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.   The award collection includes some truly exciting orchids!  The team at OrchidWiz wants to give a special thanks to the OSSEA Board and Judges! In total, OrchidWiz now contains data and photographs from 16 judging systems worldwide!  Thank you all who are working so hard to make this happen.
  • More than 20,000 new photos from dozens of contributors.   The total number of photos in OrchidWiz has now grown to 174,434.  Wow!  Thank you all that contributed photos. 
  • FOR SPECIES AFICIONADOS: the total number of orchid species for which there is an image in OrchidWiz grows by more than 1,000 to a total of 10,900.   In total, there are now almost 100,000 (actually 99,644 to be exact) photos and botanical drawings of species in OrchidWiz!!
  • The total number of orchid grexes depicted in OrchidWiz grows by more than 2,000 to 33,429 species and hybrids.

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