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X5.2 is Now Available.

X5.2 is available for download and has shipped to all customers who elected the DVD format.  In this release we added all of the RHS Registrations as of 12/31/2018. We hope you enjoy OrchidWiz X5.2!

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X5.0 Is Now Available!

New Data and Photos in OrchidWiz Encyclopedia X5.0 New Registrations: One of the most frequent requests we receive with each release is, “What are the new orchid registrations?” To answer that question, we have added a button on the start tab, New Registrations. When you click on the button, the New Regs tab will open. You can search by breeding group. Scroll through the table, click on the top of each column to rearrange the order of data (A to Z or click again and Z to A). When you find an orchid you are interested in learning more about, click on it and...

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Thinking about our Texas and Louisianna Friends!

We hope that everyone in the Eastern Texas and Louisiana is safe.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

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Videos to help you get started

You can find several OrchidWiz Instructional videos on youtube.   You will find basic information about OrchidWiz and the Journal.  

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Frequently Asked Questions - Basic Search

Do you need help getting started with OrchidWiz? Search for an orchid   For Example Phal Ai Golden Berries       Search Method 1 – From the start tab, enter Golden in the yellow box “Common Searches” Click search Orchid.  A new tab “orchid Search” opens. In the yellow box under Name/Epithet. click "containing" and then click Search button.  Phal Ai Golden Berries is highlighted at the top of the list. To the right you will see various buttons to click on and explore the orchid.  I recommend clicking the Profile button. Search Method 2 – From the start tab, Click on Phalaenopsis,...

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