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FULL INSTALLATION DOWNLOAD -- OrchidWiz Encyclopedia X9.1

The full download of OrchidWiz from the internet is neither intuitive nor an easy process.  This is because the application is so large it cannot be compacted into a single executable like a quarterly update.  Unless you are an experienced computer and internet user, we recommend you get help from someone who has experience downloading large applications from the internet.  The download of OrchidWiz Encyclopedia X9.1 (with 260,000 images, totaling over 12 GB) can take several hours, depending on the speed of your internet bandwidth.  Please make sure to read all the steps below before you start the process.  To download the Zip file, click the link below:

If you look at the bottom left side of your browser, you should see the file being downloaded.  After the download finishes a few hours later, click  It will open a new window showing the files contained inside.  From that window header menu, click "Extract All" and then select "Extract."  This extracts all the files from the zip file and puts them in a folder you select (the default "Downloads" folder works fine).

The default location may be called Downloads\X91_DISK1.  Open that folder and double-click Setup.exe.  A window might come up saying "Windows protected your PC."  Click "More info," and then click "Run anyway."  That should start the installation.

If you wish to download the individual installation files, one by one, they are located here:


You will need to have all the files under the same folder in your computer before double-clicking Setup.exe to start the installation.