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What Users Have Said About OrchidWiz

“What do I like about OrchidWiz?  The fact that it is so easy to use!  It really is user friendly!  I can look up orchids with just a partial name – even with just the middle letters. I can find the name without knowing what genus the plant is.  I use it for judging, for registration at shows, when checking names for the newsletter and for doing research on my own plants – I use it constantly."
Carol Holdren, AOS Accredited Judge, West Palm Beach Judging Center

Researching plants for awards has never been easier!!!   Every time I use this program I find more wonderful features.... I am not one to ‘gush’ over much of anything, but this program is a database dream come-true... This is truly an orchid ENCYCLOPEDIA – not just an awards listing or compilation of a few photos.   It is an encyclopedia that is PRACTICAL, COMPREHENSIVE and EASY TO USE."
Judy Cook, MD, AOS Accredited Judge, Dallas Judging Center

“Your program is fabulous! ... I received your program yesterday and immediately tried it out. Its capabilities are phenomenal! Congrats on producing such a fine product.” – Steven A. Frowine, Author, Fragrant Orchids: A Guide To Selecting, Growing, And Enjoying

“…monumental software ... I can’t imagine judging without it.” – Lou Lodyga, AOS Accredited Judge, Florida-Caribbean Judging Center

“A brand-new Orchid Encyclopedia, with all registered hybrids, awards, species, photos, culture information (based upon the percentages of species in hybrids). Very powerful search capabilities. Updates are quarterly. It is AWESOME!! This product sets a very high, new standard for reference software.” Roberta Fox, Co-chair and Judging Director, Fascination of Orchids (Show in Coastal Southern California)

"...for intermediate and advanced growers ... The amount of information provided is unbelievable! Easy to use and load. Highly recommended! I haven’t seen anything like this before."
Susan Taylor, Orchids Editor, BellaOnline

“Awesome is an insufficient description. This program is the most comprehensive tool I have ever seen and I am well familiar with all that have been out there starting with the high priced one of the early 90’s. Judging/hybridizing and general knowledge it helps in all venues.”
Tom Larkin, Hybridizer, AOS Accredited Judge, Great Plains Region, Owner of Whippoorwill Orchids

“The program is outstanding!”
Col. Kenneth Kone, AOS Judge Emeritus, West Palm Beach Judging Center

“You have advanced Orchid knowledge to a much higher level with your program.”
Mike Blietz, AOS Accredited Judge, Maui Judging Center; Owner of Exotic Orchids of Maui

“OrchidWiz does everything an Orchid grower or Orchid Judge has wished for over the years. Accurate records of hybridizing, awards, references to additional information and an increasing number of pictures are presented in a user friendly manner. In many cases a picture is worth 1,000 words.”
– Edwin Wise, AOS Accredited Judge, Pacific South Region (Southern California)

“It is fabulous. I am in awe of your product."
– Barbara Tisherman, AOS Accredited Judge, National Capital Judging Center; also President of Slipper Orchid Alliance

“I’ve used the Orchidwiz program as a reference source for the past six months. It has been a valuable reference source for our breeding program at Fox Valley Orchids, Ltd., and during monthly AOS judgings at the Chicago Judging Center, where its statistical capability can be one factor that is used to determine awardability". Tom Kalina, AOS Accredited Judge, Chicago Judging Center.

“I use the program on a daily basis. It really is wonderful! I must add that everyone who has it in our California area feels the same way.”
– Marilyn Levy, AOS Accredited Judge and Training Coordinator, Pacific South Region (Southern California)

“OrchidWiz – This is without a doubt one of the best programs to utilize for judging. The organization of the information and presentation of search results are a real pleasure to use. It is also very useful for the orchid hybridizer. OrchidWiz gives us an opportunity to see what types of crosses have been successful with potential parents and to utilize this information in the making of our new hybrids.”
Linda Wilhelm, AOS Accredited Judge, Carolinas Judging Center, Owner of Woodland Orchids

“It is a marvelous program! … It is very user friendly.”
Alice Barrios, AOS Accredited Judge, Houston Judging Center

“I find OrchidWiz easy to use and very informative. Hybrid inquiries are an easy task and the species information is very helpful, especially because it covers habitats, and cross-references the ever-changing names.”
Gladys Roudel, AOS Accredited Judge, West Palm Beach Judging Center

” [OrchidWiz] is good and well-written and fast” Jill Godfrey, AOS Accredited Judge, Florida-Caribbean Judging Center

“I love OrchidWiz because it answers questions I didn't know I should ask."
Bill Fender, Fender’s Flora

"I've been playing with my copy of OrchidWiz and I just need to say: This product is amazing!  … It is an outstanding tool for the orchid judge; a must in your judging toolkit!  The data is presented extremely well. This software is very well thought and structured."
Manuel Aybar, AOS Accredited Judge, Dallas Judging Center

"It really does a mind blowing job of providing data for comparing awards ... If you need to research parentage, breeding lines, or awards this is the program to get ... This must be what driving a Ferrari is like."
Kathy Barrett, Editor, Orchid Safari

“Your program is marvelous!  We finally have a tool that makes research manageable."
Sandra Song, AOS Accredited Judge, Hawaii

“I have to say I love the interface and the hybrid trees. Having fun learning how to use all its features. Fantastic program!!!! Very happy.”
Darren Howard, AOC Associate Judge, Geelong West, Victoria, Australia

"Well, I think you have done an amazing job on this program. You have really worked to make it user friendly and do what we need to have. I use the references to pix when I am doing papers because it gives me a quick jump on where the articles are."
Jean Allen-Ikeson, AOS Accredited Judge, Toronto Judging Center

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful program! One of my most reliable bloomers had long ago lost a tag during one of the hurricanes. I could not remember the exact spelling of the name of the plant. Last weekend I was repotting and located a piece of the tag down in the pot—it contained the last three letters of the plant’s name!   With such a small amount of information, I would have never been able to find it on other programs.   OrchidWiz popped up with a list that included the exact name of the plant—just as I had remembered it except my memory was one letter off. I emailed the vendor to make sure I had recovered the correct name and she was able to confirm it on her sales records for me. I couldn’t have done it without you and OrchidWiz!
Rhonda Heide, West Palm Beach JC

"I am quite impressed…  Good job."
Shirlee McDaniels, AOS Student Judge, Rocky Mountain Judging Center

"I don't know how I would live without it."
Mirta Russis, Student Judge, Florida-Caribbean Judging Center

“One of my duties as an AOS awards photographer is to label the finished slides. For this, I need a source where I can check spelling of genera, species or grex, and parents. When I first used OrchidWiz, I was amazed with the power and flexibility of its plant searching. It was fast, easy, and all encompassing. However, to be the ideal tool for my use, it needed the capability to allow copying the found information into my labeling program. I mentioned this to Alex, and now he has added this to the program. OrchidWiz is a great program, and Alex takes user ideas and suggestions to make it even better.”
– James E. McCulloch, AOS awards photographer, Cincinnati Judging Center.

“I've had a little chance to look at your program and I love it as much as I did when I first saw it at your demo at judging! It is wonderful! I love all the photos and you have so much other stuff that I didn't even know about, like culture tips. What an incredible amount of work! And so many, many photographs! I sat there for an hour hogging my husband’s computer just scrolling down looking at all the pictures that were listed under progeny of C. aurantiaca! I hadn't seen many of those plants, so it was really fun.”
Jean Wilson, Hobbyist, Miami, Florida

"This software is easy to use. It's not one of those things that you can't figure out -- everything is intuitive. ...What I like the most is the ability to see the pictures of the genealogy of the flowers. It is an amazing lesson in genetics to take one parent and see all its progeny or to look back from one hybrid at its parents and grandparents."
Susan Taylor, Orchids Editor, BellaOnline

"Just when you thought that Orchidwiz 1.0 software was amazing, it just keeps getting better with the 2.0 release! This new release includes an awesome feature, the statistics on number of flowers / buds per inflorescence. What a great tool when you are at the judging table, no more wasting time calculating after we nominate a plant for scoring. Also, the ability to get the data/pictures to Excel or PowerPoint is great! Now I can dump any analysis from Orchidwiz directly into my PowerPoint presentations when I am speaking on Species Building blocks or other orchid related subject. Keep up the excellent work!"
Manuel Aybar, AOS Certified Judge, Dallas Judging Center

Orchidwiz … has a precious feature: it not only shows orchids and orchid information, it provides relations between them.   You can dig it. And if you do so knowing what you want, you'll find it is pure gold.
-- Mauro Rosim, OrchidWiz Photo Contributor and Hobby Grower from Sao Paulo, Brazil

"It is a wonderful program and I use it all the time.  I congratulate you on this amazing production!  It's so easy to use and the color pictures place it well above [other software] which I've had for years.
Donna Valley Russell, New Market, Maryland

"I think OrchidWiz has the best information.  I have tried the others and you are the best.  Research made easy.  Keep up the Good Work."
Joan Bailey, Carson, California

"It is really easy to use and has such great features.  The pie charts of the genealogy are great.  And so many pictures!  Being able to look up the images of the parents is neat."
Reka HukariMargreid, Italy

“OrchidWiz sure is a marvelous software package!”
Neal Foster, Ph.D., Co-founder of the Ann Arbor Orchid Society

"Wow --it is a real TREAT! It's my NEW best friend! :>)"
Susan Edwards, Professional Orchid Grower, Florida Native Orchids, Saint Petersburg, Florida

"It is terrific and I would heartily recommend it."
Bernard Gerrard, Hobby Grower in Frederick, Maryland

"It looks great! Wow, what a lot of work."
Mary Nisbet, California Orchids

"I really enjoy this new software as I have tons of information at my fingertips that many orchid hobbiest/enthusiast like me would be wanting/dreaming to have. I really hit the jackpot when I bought this software as I really enjoy surfing the net for orchid pictures and information everyday on my spare time. Thanks a lot."

“Fans of Orchidwiz and Mac can now have the best of both. … I have Parallels Desktop running Windows XP when needed for Orchidwiz. It is fast and flawless. … I can have all the wonderful features of a Mac, including storing my orchid pictures in iPhoto, as well as Orchidwiz and other PC programs. How great is that!”
Paul Wetter, AOS Accredited Judge, West Palm Beach Judging Center

“I would not hesitate to recommend OrchidWiz for the iMac, running OS X and Virtual PC 7.”
Iris Cohen, Orchid Hobbyist of 32 Years